What are Medicinal Foods?

Medicinal foods can address goals such as people’s stress,  sleep and anxiety. Today most people treat conditions such as stress, sleep and anxiety with pharmaceuticals. Since the invention of intellectual property, there has been an incentive to conduct clinical trials on pharmaceuticals. Medical foods can be just as effective as pharmaceuticals but have been much less studied in the past 100 years due to slower rate of monetization.

What is the Medicinal Foods Project?

The “medicinal foods” project is to change the perception that only pharmaceuticals are effective in treating health conditions through data backed research, with the idea that food in medicine by the crowdsourced volunteer efforts of citizen scientists through online applications with data accessible to everyone.

What is the Potential Cost and Impact of Food Choice to Health?

Why is food important? The foods (often unhealthy) that are consumed in the United States are leading to skyrocketing medical costs. “In 2016, the total costs in the U.S. for direct health care treatment for chronic health conditions totaled $1.1 trillion – equivalent to nearly six percent of the nations ‘s GDP” according to a report by the Miliken Institute.

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