Beneficial Foods: 5-HTP Antioxidant formulas Catnip Arginine ASHWAGANDHA Asiatic Acid Astaxanthin Avina sativa (oats) Ayurvedic Formulations Bach Flower Remedies Bacopa Bamboo Bergamot Beta Sitosterol beta-Carotene Bifidobacterium Bifidobacterium Longum Bitter Orange…

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"Avocados as a medicinal food. "Avocados have a diverse range of other nutrients and phytochemicals that may have beyond cholesterol vascular health benefits. In particular, avocado's potassium and lutein may…

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Did you know that licorice root can prevent stress? "Over time, stress can leave the adrenal gland exhausted by constantly producing adrenaline and cortisol. Licorice... can give the adrenal gland…

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